Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Some of the questions are very silly but we do get asked them!

What is an escape room?

A time-based challenge whereby a group of people are locked inside a themed room and are tasked with completing an objective by solving puzzles using clues, hints and strategy. Read more here.

Is it like a video game?

Yes but you are the character and you are playing in real life.

How many can play a game?

Our rooms are for 2-6 players. The other games may allow for more players. 

What do I need to play?

Bring your reading glasses if your eye sight isn’t 100%. Other than that, all you’ll need is a working brain. Some logic may help. 

How much does it cost?

An escape room costs €15 per person for a minimum of 3 players. Other games may have different prices. Please see our shop for all prices.

I paid online but want to cancel my booking. Can I get a refund?

There are strictly no refunds. Instead we will give you a credit voucher that you can use to book a game another time. A €5 administration fee applies to cancellations.

What is not permitted in the rooms?

People who are inclined to smash things.

Is there an age restriction?

The rooms are recommended for adults, however children aged are welcome to participate if accompanied by an adult.

Who are escape rooms suitable for?

Escape rooms are not suitable for people with severe claustrophobia. Our rooms are not wheelchair-friendly and are also not suitable for those sensitive to laser and light effects. In these cases, we recommend that you do not participate.

Do I get a prize if I escape in time?


Am I really going to be locked in a room?

Ofcourse not.

What's the point of escaping then?

To feel smarter than you were before.

I didn't escape or like the game. Can I get a refund?

Do you ask for a refund if you walk out of a movie or didn’t like the movie?